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Video Samples

Here are six examples chosen because they are all short overview types of programs. All of these were done on fairly quick turnarounds, and I have included more detail about that in the descriptions,

Introduction to Saint-Gobain's international venturing group.

Saint-Gobain Fuel Cell Innovation

Another of the six videos from the Saint-Gobain international exhibition dome. In many ways this is similar in structure to the USAT video above, but a more sophisticated art style requires more labor in that department.

USMLE Journey to Licensure

This video was commissioned to provide an engaging but straightforward primer on the USMLE process as an alternative to the many unofficial overviews available online.

NOVA Innovation Competition

Descriptive overview of an innovation competition program conducted by Saint-Gobain. The video was created to be used at trade shows (thus the lack of a voiceover) and online, This type of program can be done fairly quickly since it is made entirely in the editing using stock elements, just a little bit of original art,  and/or visual resources from the client.

USAT Leader In The Unattended Space

This was something we made up very quickly due to an incredibly short turnaround time. The turnaround was so fast that we were forced to use the actual storyboard art to create the video, which actually turned out to work very well.

Saint-Gobain Dome Video 5

This was one of six videos which told the story of Saint-Gobain in the central dome of an international traveling exhibition.

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