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21GO is a full service shop offering visual communications for marketing and public relations. Our team of producers, designers, artists and craftsmen is led and managed by John Connor, a thirty year veteran of the marketing and PR communications business.

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21GO Communications has extensive experience in content creation and multimedia production, and is well versed in the management of media creation, from the simplest project to the most complex and multi-level. We utilize the resources of the company and the talents of the company’s partners and associates to deliver excellent work for our clients..

J.C. Connor Bio

Filmmaker, writer, designer John Connor is a native of Philadelphia, working for more than three decades in film, video, and digital media as producer, director, designer, and writer. He attended film school at Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater, where he learned the production, form, and aesthetics of documentary films. From this foundation, John has worked in public television, commercial television, theatrical films, and corporate communications. His trademarks are the simplification of complicated subjects, and creation of compelling stories in any medium informed by his empathy and intellectual curiosity. His mission is the elevation of ideas through innovative storytelling.

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